• To safeguard the rights and interest of its members involved in property related disciplines
  • To keep a vigilant eye on matters affecting the rights and interest of property related industry
  • To promote a healthy development of property related industry

  • To suggest and submit constructive proposals and to liaise with the Federal Government and Penang State Government, authorities, agencies, semi government / quasi organisations, with the main intention of attaining a win-win position which benefits all related parties
  • To advocate for legislation and policies that promotes a healthy development for the property related industry
  • To propose and submit various suitable resolutions for purpose of improving the property related industry and to achieve sound development of the industry
  • To represent the voices of majority members in legislation and policy making related to the property industry

  • To provide up to date information on the latest development of the industry
  • To provide trainings and education activities namely seminars, study trips etc., to keep its members abreast of updated news, related developments, technology know hows etc.

  • To deliver a platform for sharing and exchanging ideas amongst its members of the similar industry
  • To promote interaction, networking and collaboration :
    i. amongst its members
    ii. amongst developers in Penang
    iii. with Federal & State Government authorities
    iv. with inter-state members and developers
    v. with international members and developers
    vi. with related association